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Buying a home is probably the biggest financial decision you’ll ever make so you want to feel confident in your realtor. We’ll work with you to find a place you’ll be happy to call home and a deal that you’ll be happy to sign.

Newest Offers

Nagydobsza residential house
with a lot of land

Nagydobsza is located in the south of Dunántúl, in the province of Baranya, between Barcs and Szigetvár, with 601 inhabitants.
Dutch and Belgian families also live in the village.
The village has a convenience store with tobacconist, kindergarten, primary school, doctor, mayor’s office, cultural center and post office.
The house is 105 m2 and built of stone, the windows and doors are still in good condition, made of wood.
If you want, you can also add more, with an architect.
The house is debt-free, you can buy it without any problems.
The plot is 6548 m2.

3-family property

The village of Gige, with about 367 inhabitants, is located in the province of Somogy, in the south of Dunántúl (Transdanubia = Western Hungary). Kaposvar is 23 km, Kadarkút 7 km and Kiskorpad is also 7 km (here you have a primary school for the children). In the village there is a convenience store, doctor, kindergarten and good bus connection. The whole house is made of stone, the main house is insulated on both sides with 10 cm of tempex. Debt Free. Place for 3 families, can be viewed. There are several options: permanent residence, as a holiday home and also for holiday rental, this is a good investment.
The windows are made of wood, with shutters everywhere.
The roof is new and is insulated with foil and glass wool.

Zsibot - Becefa

Becefa is located 5 km from Szigetvar, with about 149 inhabitants.
The wine region is very quiet and not that far from the “real” world, where you can relax in nature.
The winery is 25 m2 and made of stone, the roof has been renewed, with gutters added.
Mains water, electricity, septic tank is available.
The garden is 1666 m2, with 6 rows of grape vines and various fruit trees.

Dióspuszta, house with
guest house and pool
The village of Diószpuszta is located 13 km from Szigetvár and 25 km from Kadarkut.
In the neighborhood you can fish in several places: Magyarlukafa, Somogyapati, Somogyhatvan.
At the village is an inn with a restaurant.
There is beautiful nature, ideal for walking, horse riding, cycling, …
The house is 170 m2 including the guest house, built of stone and clay.
The windows and doors are also in good condition, all wooden and with shutters.
Nice view of the forest behind the garden, quiet village, large plot, also ideal for permanent residence.
The furniture can remain, after consultation.
Somogyhárságy house
with guest house
The detached house with guest house is located in Somogyhárságy, 18 km from Szigetvar.
The village is located in the province of Baranya, with about 380 inhabitants.
The area belongs to Zselic, with beautiful nature and many recreational opportunities; programs.
The neighboring villages also have various programs, restaurants, fishing lake and for those who have horses, there are beautiful forest roads.
The house is debt free, in good condition and immediately habitable.
2 Building Property

This stone house is for sale in Dióspuszta, a small quiet village.
Szigetvár is 13 km and Kadarkut 25 km from the village.
In the neighborhood you can fish in different places: Magyarlukafa, Somogyapati, Somogyhatvan.
At the village is an inn with a restaurant.
There is beautiful nature, ideal for walking, horseback riding, cycling.
A very famous singer from Budapest lives in the village, and there are also several foreigners.
The house is 100m2 and in two parts. The second part can serve as a guest house.
The surface area is 5755 m2

Becefa double plot
with small winery
In the province of Baranya, in Becefa, this double plot with a small winery, 30m2, is built of stone.
Electricity and water is possible, but you still have to connect it.
In the garden are fruit trees and a few rows of vines.
This property is next to #1337, which is also for sale from us.
Beautiful, quiet location with many possibilities.
Kisharsagy beautifully restored country house

Beautiful setting,

The beautiful country house is completely restored.
Everything is new (the roof, electricity, water pipes, frames and doors, from bottom to top).
Detached country house (2004) is located on a beautiful domain of 1.5 Ha.
Peace and privacy guaranteed.

Located on a ridge, you can enjoy an amazing and unique view over the Zselic nature reserve and in clear weather transmission tower of Pecs (50 km).

Mágocs authentic tanya
with guesthouse

A real Hungarian tanya with veranda and beautiful old doors and windows (with motif).
It is not yet a monument, but built between the years 1500 and 1900, both the house and the stable and barn, which has now become a nice guesthouse.You can live there immediately, no renovation work is needed.

Becefa winery in nature
and near city
Becefa is 5 km from Szigetvar, with about 149 inhabitants.
The wine region is very quiet and not so far from the “real” world, where you can relax in nature.
The small winery still needs some work, but it will definitely be worth it when it is finished.
This property is next to #1340, which is also for sale from us.
Ideal for a holiday home, but you can also build and live permanently.
House in fishermen's beloved Merenye

Merenye is located in Baranya county with 245 inhabitants about 12 km from Szigetvár (where you can find everything, also a very nice thermal bath, great for relaxing, a hospital, etc.)

The village has of course also the famous fishing lake of 120 hectares, from all over Europe come foreigners, as well as Hungarians from all over the country.


fully finished house

It is located in a quiet street, it is close to Szigetvar with thermal bath and nearby there are many opportunities for fishing, etc.
The house is completely finished and renovated, you can move in immediately, without extra work.
It is debt free and unfurnished

Somogyapati is located in the northwest of Baranya, 5 km from Szigetvar, 42 km from Pécs and 46 from Kaposvar.


Orfü recent double residence
in prime location
In brand new, very good condition and large parking lot, with a terrace above with a beautiful view of nature.
Very nice street, with several foreigners.
For entertainment, recreation and relaxation of the holiday guests there are open-air and developed beaches, sports fields, riding schools, but also fishing, kayaking, sailing and boating on the lakes.
There is also an opportunity for adventurous walks in the unique cave system of the Mecsek. Lovers of hunting and hiking can also feel at home.
There are two very protected caves in Orfű, the Lime Burning Caves Cave and the Orfű Watershed Cave.
Kispeterd large plot
with 2 houses
Szigetvar is 5 km, Pecs 30 km and Kaposvar 47 km from the house.
The house can be inhabited immediately.In the vicinity of the house you can enjoy horse riding, fishing (in Nagyvaty, Domolos) and good food in the restaurant Palma.
The thermal bath of Szigetvar is about 7 km from the house.
It is a quiet village, ideal for those looking for a house with guest house to rent out, or for two families to live in.
There is still some work to do, but it has a beautiful location, with a wide plot and it is close to everything.
Vasarosbec house with guest house
In Vasarosbec province of Baranya, under Zselic, this house with a separate guest house is for sale.

From Szigetvar 19 km, approximately 174 inhabitants, with several foreigners.
In the area you can go cycling, fishing, horseback riding, hiking.
In Diospuszta there is a restaurant with various activities, which is 7.9 km from the house.
The guest house is located separately at the back of the garden.
For the asking price, the furniture is included, only personal items will be removed.
The plot is wide and the house has a good location.

House to renovate
in Potony

In the province of Somogy, in the quiet village of Potony, this house or holiday home is for sale.
The village is 20 km from Barcs and 22 km from Szigetvár.
The house is built of stone and still needs to be modernized and renovated. It is still necessary to install a new kitchen, including mains water and electricity.
The windows and doors are old, but still good.
The roof is also still good, made of roof tiles.

House or vacation house
in Potony

This house is for sale in the province of Somogy, in Potony.
The house is 75 m2 and built from stone
It is located in a quiet village, without a shop or café.
There is a bus connection to Barcs and Szigetvár.
The plot is 4203 m2.

House in a quiet village Potony

Located in the province of Somogy, in the quiet village of Potony, you will find this house for sale.
The village is 20 km from Barcs and 22 km from Szigetvár.
The house is 100 m2 and built from stone.
About 3 to 4 km away is the river Drava, with beautiful nature for walking, cycling and fishing.
The plot is 2061 m2.

The former postal office
of Patosfa

From Szigetvar 17 km, Kaposvar 37km and Barcs 33 km.
The village has about 230 residents, with food store, docter, city hall, library.
The bus connection to Szigetvar, Kaposvar and Barcs is good.
The house consists of 2 parts, 1 side is in good condition, provided with some repairs, the 2nd part is to be fully renovated.

Helesfa, house with
panoramic view

This house with its beautiful panoramic view is located in the province of Baranya, Helesfa, ideal for someone who seeks peace, no direct neighbors and the house is 1 km from the village. Helesfa has 488 inhabitants. From Szentlorinc 6.5 km from Pecs 26 km, from Szigetvar 22 km far.

Bukkosd is at a distance of 2,8 km where you can relax with the whole family.
Orfű is 23 km from the village where one also has many relaxation options.

Somogyharsagy, complete renovation project

I am offering a completely typical Hungarian tanya to sell, in Somogyharsagy Baranya county, from Szigetvar 15 km.
The village has about 380 inhabitants. Several nationalities live in the village.
Surrounded by nature, you can also fish nearby or take a nice walk.

Kistótfalú, 2 houses
for the price of 1, with pool
Two properties for the price of one, from the owner!

The village is located at the northern foot of Mount Tenkes, a quiet and peaceful small village.
The property is currently a guest house.

Horvathertelend, beautiful Tanya with guesthouse

Horvathertelend, in the province of Baranya has 67 inhabitants.
From Szigetvar 21 km, from Kaposvar 38 km lies this small, rustic village with beautiful nature. The tanya has been renewed for 20 years. The house has many options, and you can move in immediately.

Somogyacsa tanya

This tanya is 80 m2 big, fully restored in 2006.

The plot is 1600 m2 big with several fruit trees. Somogyacsa is situated in the Somogy province, from Igal 12 km (very well known thermal bath)

Cserdi, winery
+ extra plot of land

This small winery is located in Cserdi it has a very nice view with a view of Lake Helesfa It is located in a very quiet area with nature around it.
That village is located 20km from Szigetvar, 25km from Pécs and 5km from Szentlőrinc.

Kára, tanya house (farm)

This Hungarian farm is located in the province of Somogy in Kára with approx. 45 inhabitants, surrounded by beautiful nature.

The house is located in a very quiet village, surrounded by beautiful nature, one can also go horse riding nearby or enjoy the panoramic view.

Winery in Cserdi
with panoramic view

This panoramic winery is located in Cserdi, Baranya county, 25km from Pécs, 20km from Szigetvar and 5km from Szentlorinc.

With little work you can have a beautiful house in the middle of nature.

If you buy this together with the wine house next door (# 1302), you have a beautiful property!

Winery in Keszu, 5km from
the large city Pécs

This winery is located in Baranya province, 5 km from the large city of Pécs, where you can find everything you need.
This winery is suitable as a holiday home for those who really seek tranquility and it has a very nice panoramic view of the Mecsek Mountains

Helesfa, cozy house
ready to move in

This house is located in the province of Baranya, the village of Helesfa, located 6 km from Szentlorinc, 26 km from Pécs and 22 km from Szigetvár, and with a beautiful panorama.

With low maintenance costs you have a very nice house to rent out, or for yourself, as a holiday home, or to live in.

Nemeske shop, bar,
tobacco shop

This shop / bar / tobacco shop is located in Nemeske, between Szigetvar and Barcs on main road 6.
The project has many investment options: B&B, motel, cafe, rental property with apartment, so several options.

If you want to start something fun and live here, in Hungary, this is a good idea as an investment.

Szentlaszló, ready to use house

Only 12 km from Szigetvar, a side road off the main road 67 towards Lake Balaton against the Zselic hills, in the neatly loved village of Szentlaszló, loved by foreigners, is this spacious renovated house.

This house is ideal for people who love peace and privacy but still enjoy the Hungarian village feeling and do not feel like all the burdens of renovations.

Bürüs farm

This house is located in Bürüs, 12 km south of Szigetvár.
The house is 90 m2, the outbuildings are a stable of 40 m2, a barn 46 m2 and a workshop of 16 m2.

Szibót, nice vacation home

This vacation home has a nice flat ground of 2674 m2, with a beautiful panoramic view, to Szigetvár 8 km, to Kaposvár 45 km.
By the main road you have a buss stop and a cafe.

Somogyviszlóhouse to let

In Somogyviszló in the province of Baranya, this beautifully renovated tanya stands on a plot of over 2500 m2.

Somogyviszló is a nice village with a playground for the children and a park where the youth play football or chill and where the village festivals are held.

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