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0036 30 3732483

My services consist of:

  • visiting homes
  • arranging the transfer with the lawyer
  • registering your home with the municipality and handling the land register
  • arrange electricity, water and gas contracts (if available)
  • insurance of the property
  • internet
  • connection to sewerage

Apart from mediating for houses, I can also offer support at:

  • applying for health insurance
  • putting a car to Hungarian license plates
  • all other translation work
  • guidance in applying for a residence permit. Within Europe we have free movements of people and goods. If you decide to stay for a longer period or permanently in Hungary, it is necessary to apply for a residence permit. Please contact us for more information.
  • bank account requests: I accompany you to your bank of choice and guide you further in opening an account and arranging internet banking. I can also act as a postal address for your bank statements, since no statements are sent abroad.
  • you can also contact me for arranging a gardener or caretaker for the rental of your property
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